Thursday, September 3, 2009

can't help but love him

Yesterday - Gavin was a handful. The morning started off great. We had his three year check up - and everything looks great. He is 38lbs and 39.5 in. tall - pretty big for his age, but proportionate to height and weight. Because of his size, we did have to buy a new carseat - but it works great, he loves it and it converts to a highback booster, and then a backless booster as well - so he'll be in it forever. He sat perfectly still (*has anyone ever seen this happen - Gav, sit still?) for his hearing test, and told the nurse each time he heard the beep and in which ear - 100%. I officially cannot blaim the lack of listening on his hearing. The nurse told me that 80% of 3 year olds will not sit still long enough to finish the test. He always shows off for other people! Then for the eye test - he kept telling the nurse which ones she should point too, instead of the other way around. He repeatedly told her "no, point to the O for Owen." But he did get those right too - so his eyes are good. He didn't cry for his shot - just told me he needs it so he won't get sick (he does listen when I talk to him!) He also thought his band aid was pretty cool. He was great while we ran errands at Target. I let him pick out a sticker book for the plane, and as he put it on the belt to pay for it, he told the cashier "that's for when I go on the big jet." She asked where we were going and Gavin casually replies "just Disney World." JUST??? He's been begging me for days if we can please just go NOW - then he acts like it's no big deal! Until... the lady started asking him who he was going to see, and told him that she was there 3 years ago. He asked her if she "got to see Lightening McQueen and Doc and Mater and the guy with the mustache, and the King too?" She was obviously confused and had no idea who those people were - Gav told me she must have just liked Pluto the best! Needless to say, he's pretty excited. The afternoon, however, was a different story. He refused to take a nap, and he does not do well somedays without one. He was just kind of cranky and fussy. He really wanted to watch the Disney show (the free one you get when planning a trip) so we put that in and he was soooooo excited with each new character and ride that he saw - for about 5 minutes, and I looked down and he was sound alseep. He would not go to bed last night either - he's usually pretty good about it; so I wasn't able to pack. So now today, I HAVE to pack for the 10 days we are going to be gone, pick up last minute stuff, clean my house and mow the lawn. Needless to say, Gavin went to daycare. I usually do not bring him on the days I have off - I would much rather spend the day with him. But I just dropped him off and I miss him already - 10 days with him coming up - yay! He can be such a stinker, but all those hugs and kisses are sure worth it!

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