Monday, October 12, 2009

good times...

{that's me in the back left corner - in black}


We had a blast the first weekend in October. We headed to St. Paul on Saturday morning, checked into the hotel and made a quick trip to the River Center to visit the race expo. We then caught a cab to Minneapolis to see the Twin's play in the Metrodome one last time. Gavin fell asleep in the cab, and I held him through the first 4 innings! When he woke up he asked "are we at the baseball game now?" I couldn't believe he could sleep through all that yelling and screaming. He made it to the end of the game, adding his own little voice to the crowd. We spent the night in St. Paul so I could get up super early to run the Twin Cities 10 mile. It turned out to be a pretty nice day - even though it started off kind of cold! Gavin and Bryan met me at the finish line - it made me happy that they were there to cheer me on. I finished in 1:40:59 - under my goal time, but now I'm motivated to try and do it faster next year! We even got to meet Laurie, Eric and Owen for lunch - what a fun weekend.
This past weekend my cousin Stef got married. It was so nice to see our extended family and spend some time with them. We had a blast at the wedding and stayed out way too late and danced a little too much! Sunday was spent relaxing and just hanging out at home. Now today, I woke up to a snow storm - and I am not happy about it. The leaves didn't even have time to turn colors this year. I think today, Gavin and I will just hang out at home and spend some time snuggling. We started our day with coffee and cocoa and watched TV with the fireplace on - but I'm really not ready for winter quite yet. I guess I better get him some winter boots a little earlier this year. Bryan keeps telling me it's all about my attitude - but how can you change that when the snow really does make me miserable - brrrrrrr..... maybe it'll go away early since it came so early - one can always hope!

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