Monday, October 19, 2009

hit hard....

Gavin has had quite the week. It went a little like this... He started with a fever last Monday, brought him to the clinic Tuesday and was diagnosed with an ear infection - started antibiotics - still had a fever Wed. and Thurs. Called Friday to talk to the Dr - he changed his antibiotic. When I woke up Saturday afternoon, Gavin looked terrible. He could barely open his eyes, he wasn't drinking very much, and he just wanted to sleep. We ended up visiting the ER - and Gavin was diagnosed with Influenza - probably H1N1. He still had a fever and was pretty punky all weekend. I was relieved to hear him laughing and playing today - and we've actually gone more than 4 hours without a fever - that hasn't happened in more than a week! It's nice to see a little color in his cheeks again and those big bright eyes!


lauriestrey said...

my poor little sweetie! I am glad he is feeling better. Please give him a biiiiggg hug from us. Owen still asks to see his "bubby" Gavin all the time. Hope he is feeling better by Halloween - we don't need a sick Buzz!
love you all!

The Wulfs said...

Poor Gav!!! We were so sad to hear how sick you were! Ellie said we need to buy you a present, she thinks gifts can cure anything! Watch your mail tomorrow, we sent you some fun stuff!