Thursday, August 20, 2009

I miss my little buddy....(& bryan too!)

We found out on Monday that Bryan had to be gone the entire week for work! Ugh! Setting up "night-care" for a toddler at the last minute isn't much fun. Thankfully, Angi and my parents were able to help us out once again. I'm not sure how I can ever re-pay them for all they do for us. My schedule sucks - for lack of better words. So, now my house is quiet and lonely and I just would like it if my boys were here! I kind of like those two.... One more night of work, one more half a day of sleep and then I'll get to have a blast this weekend with Gavin, Lauren, Ellie and Bry - along with anyone else that would like to join us on Sunday for "meemo" cake - Gavin picked it out at the bakery all himself, and is pretty excited about it!

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The Wulfs said...

We had so much fun with Gav!!! He was so good (Ellie on the other hand was not so much, I tried to give her to your dad tonight instead of Gavin!!!)! We had to get out of the house today so we went swimming in Granite he was so brave and played basketball in the pool! See you Saturday!